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I will draw a bonus color with 4 form of JINBA GAIMs (Cherry, Lemon, Melon & Lemon ) in one piece if I reach 100 followers. 83 followers now QAQ 

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In 22, Ryouma tells Kouta that the use of the Sengoku Driver supercedes the need for food. In at least ten PREVIOUS episodes we see evidence of this ‘side effect’ first hand. 

[See photo captions for more information.]

Incredibly clever and subtle foreshadowing? Or just me thinking WAY too hard into this? YOU DECIDE. 

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Hello everyone! Here are a few new Kamen Rider Gaim wallpapers I made. I hope you enjoy them. :)

Download Links:
Kamen Rider Gaim - Jinba Lemon Arms
Kamen Rider Baron - Lemon Energy Arms
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin
Kamen Rider Duke
Kamen Rider Marika
Kamen Rider Sigurd

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An unusual image that’s shown up which I tentatively consider a possible fake, but we are getting close to when magazine scans will show up, so it’s worth bringing up. 

This appears to be a Ryugen upgrade which involves the suit in red, with Kiwi Arms’ helmet and Budoh Arms’ chest, essentially a mixture of his two forms. 

Shogeco009 had this to say about the text below it. 

The words under that Ryugen scan says “Saikyo Ryugen”. But Saikyo isn’t written as 最強 (meaning just “strongest” or “ultimate”), but 最凶 which translates to “ultimate evil”.

This sort of kanji use is characteristic of this series considering the Sengoku Driver, so we’ll just have to see what happens! 

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Proper scans rise to confirm that the red Ryugen is real, and you won’t believe what comes next! 

Ryugen’s new form seems to be called Yomotsu Heguri Arms, which I’m not sure on the intended meaning in this spelling, but it seems to come from some interesting mythology with something called Hegui. Yomotsu translates to mean Hades or Hell, but Heguri I’m not sure on as of yet.

The suit is a recolor of Ryugen’s with some new additions, as well as the torso armor of Budoh Arms and the helmet armor of Kiwi Arms. It seems that he can wield all of the Overlords’ weapons, 

Another image provides the hint that Kaito may attempt to eat Helheim’s fruit, and presents the question of what he could become - Given his continuously worsening wound, it’s possible they’re hinting at an Overlord transformation. 

And last on the list is some images of Gaim fighting Roshuo, and later fighting Redue with Roshuo’s sword in hand… 

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Detail of Heroes Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms

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Incredibly cute Kamen Rider Wizard theme outfit courtesy of Bandai Premium Fashion Blog

Using pieces from Haruto Souma’s closet, you can create your own look for everyday wear! All of these items are still available on Bandai Premium, but will require a shopping service for overseas buyers.

Haruto’s Ivory Spider Web T-Shirt

Haruto’s Black Leather Jacket

Haruto’s Wizard Driver Belt

Haruto’s Double Chain Necklace

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gaim color by Nateasora

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It’s Tough being a Kamen Rider Fan

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